M R Mawhinney-Hee

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The auditory evoked component P50 has been reported as having an abnormal recovery cycle in patients with schizophrenia. Recent studies examining the effects of stimulus rate on the midlatency response (MLR) component P1, found P1 recovery cycles in normals similar to P50. This study examined the P1 recovery cycle in patients using a rate protocol and MLR(More)
Facial discrimination tasks (age, happy-neutral, and sad-neutral) were developed to address the need for activation tasks that engage emotional processing and can be used during physiologic neuroimaging ("neurobehavioral probes"). The stimuli pictured professional actors and actresses who had been screened for asymmetric features. In experiment I, same-sex(More)
Computed EEG Topography (CET) of 74 cases of epilepsy demonstrates the potential utility of this method beyond that of the analog EEG for the quantification and localization of regions of epileptogenesis. For the detection and localization of focal epilepsy, CET was equal to or better than the EEG in 77 p. 100 of cases and provided more evidence of focal(More)
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