M R Maurice R Yeadon

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Performing complex somersaulting skills during the flight phase of tumbling requires the generation of linear and angular momenta during the approach and takeoff phases. This paper investigates how approach characteristics and takeoff technique affect performance with a view to maximising somersault rotation in tumbling. A five-segment planar simulation(More)
Triple jumpers employ either an asymmetrical 'single-arm' action or symmetrical 'double-arm' action in the takeoff of each phase of the jump. This study investigated which technique is more beneficial in each phase using computer simulation. Kinematic data were obtained from an entire triple jump using a Vicon automatic motion capture system. A planar(More)
Simulation models of human movement comprising pin-linked segments have a potential weakness for reproducing accurate ground reaction forces during high impact activities. While the human body contains many compliant structures such a model only has compliance in wobbling masses and in the foot-ground interface. In order to determine whether accurate GRFs(More)
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