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Optical projection lithography using an excimer laser light source is demonstrated on a commercial state-of-the-art full-wafer scanning 1x projection system. Images are printed on 125-mm-diameter wafers on a Perkin-Elmer Model 500 projection printer using an XeCl laser operating at 308 nm. Near-vertical image profiles and 1-µm resolution are(More)
We describe a system for testing mirrors and lenses which uses a lateral shearing interferometer and laser light source, and in which data are recorded and processed digitally to obtain a description of the test wavefront in terms of a polynomial function, from which the shape of the test mirror may be computed. Precision of the system is about 0.1lambda.(More)
A new design technique is presented for designing holographic lenses based on a K-vector closure principle. The technique enables closed and open loop ray tracing for design optimization and image analysis. A set of APL computer programs has been written for implementation. They are described in detail along with experimental results from holograms(More)
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