M. R. López

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INTRODUCTION Genetic testing remains low among racial/ethnic minority populations in the United States. We aimed to determine the prevalence and correlates of awareness of direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic tests and the prevalence of genetic test use in a population-based sample of adults in Puerto Rico. METHODS We analyzed data from adults aged 18 years(More)
A recent publication [D.] describes the first controlled experiments measuring the growth of the magneto-Rayleigh–Taylor instability in fast ($100 ns) Z-pinch plasmas formed from initially solid aluminum tubes (liners). Sinusoidal perturbations on the surface of these liners with wavelengths of 25–400 lm were used to seed single-mode instabilities. The(More)
Discusión y Conclusiones. La discrepancia en los puntajes en cálculo se incrementa según pasan los años debido a la incidencia que tiene la memoria de trabajo en las estrategias utili-zadas para la resolución de problemas aritméticos. Abstract Introduction. This study has aimed to investigate the relationship between the development
The first controlled experiments measuring the growth of the magneto-Rayleigh-Taylor instability in fast (∼100  ns) Z-pinch plasmas are reported. Sinusoidal perturbations on the surface of an initially solid Al tube (liner) with wavelengths of 25-400  μm were used to seed the instability. Radiographs with 15  μm resolution captured the evolution of the(More)
We investigated the high-carrier screening of macroscopic polarization fields in GaN quantum wells (QWs) using a variational wave function for electrons and holes. In particular, we studied of the influence of free-carrier screening on the photoluminescence (PL) energy emission and carrier lifetime in the QW. We show that the energy transition between(More)
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