M R Kepron

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Three remarkable and unique features of the immune system are specificity, diversity, and memory. Immunological memory involves both T and B cells and results in a secondary antibody response that is faster, of higher affinity, and results in the secretion of non-IgM isotypes of Ig. In this review we discuss the properties of memory T and B cells, their(More)
Small, resting, surface IgM+/surface IgD+ murine B cells undergo an Ig class switch to IgG1 or IgE after stimulation with LPS and T cell supernatants containing IL-4. To firmly establish the role of IL-4 in the directed switch recombination observed in IgG1-secreting cells, we have 1) used highly purified native IL-4 instead of T cell supernatants, 2) used(More)
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