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Long term dialysis in children with multiple handicaps has become easier with the advent of CAPD. In December 1986, an 11 year old with myelomeningocele in end stage renal disease secondary to chronic pyelonephritis required dialysis. Placement of a right ventriculoperitoneal shunt had been done at 4 months of age. Poor family compliance required placement(More)
A review of the medical literature relating to childhood nephrosis revealed no surveys conducted since 1968 which either substantiated or refuted the range in incidence rates reported in earlier studies. Those rates ranged from 1.3 to 2.5 new cases per year among 100,000 white and non-white children under 10 years of age. The present report documents the(More)
Thirty children with urinary tract infection and nonobstructive vesicoureteral reflux have been followed prospectively for a mean of 17 months. After classification according to age and grade of reflux, 10 patients were assigned at random to treatment with antimicrobial prophylaxis alone or antimicrobial prophylaxis plus corrective surgery. Twenty other(More)
A prospective study compared the outcome of vesicoureteral reflux and recurrent urinary tract infections in children (3 boys, 62 girls) who received medical prophylaxis or underwent surgical correction of reflux. Thirty-eight children returned for reevaluation 6 to 13 years (average 9.5 years) after entry. There was a marked decrease in prevalence and(More)
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