M. R. Karim

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OBJECTIVE Binge eating disorder is associated with obesity. Topiramate is an antiepileptic agent associated with weight loss. The objective of this study was to evaluate topiramate in the treatment of binge eating disorder associated with obesity. METHOD For this 14-week, double-blind, flexible-dose (25-600 mg/day) topiramate trial, 61 outpatients (53(More)
Contemporary web browsers do not provide customized recommendations for the users; rather than some suggestions based on cookies or browsing history after content filtering. Usually, most of the users provide some key words to search the contents inside their preferred websites and based on these key words web servers provide the contents. So, it would be(More)
A phytochemical study on the flowe r of Calotropis gigantea (Linn.) using silica gel column chromatography and preparative thin layer chromatography, led to the first time isolation of Di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (compound 1) and anhydrosophoradiol-3-acetate (compound 2). The structures of these compounds were confirmed by spectroscopic analyses (IR,(More)
Recently, as a supplement of cement, the utilization of pozzolanic materials in cement and concrete manufacturing has increased significantly. This study investigates the scope to use pozzolanic wastes (slag, palm oil fuel ash and rice husk ash) as an alkali activated binder (AAB) that can be used as an alternative to cement. To activate these materials,(More)
Wireless mesh networking (WMN) has received unprecedented attention from the research community due to its cost effectiveness for providing high bandwidth internet access. For realizing large scale wireless mesh network with seamless communication, mobility management is a vital issue. Although remarkable contribution has been made on mobility management in(More)
Market basket analysis is very important to everyday's business decision, because it seeks to find relationships between purchased items. Undoubtedly, these techniques can extract customer's purchase rules by discovering what items they are buying frequently and together. Therefore, to raise the probability of purchasing the corporate manager of a shop can(More)
OBJECTIVE Petit mal epilepsy or absence seizures involve brief, sudden lapses of consciousness and most often occurs in people under age of 20 years. This study was done to find out the most likely significant age affected by petit mal epilepsy and whether they had higher rate of behavioral, educational, and social problems. MATERIALS AND METHODS We run(More)
Breast cancer was the commonest cancer among the female patients who attended Institute of Cancer Research & Hospital (NICRH), Dhaka, Bangladesh, which formed the second most common cancer worldwide. An expressive cross-sectional study was conceded out in NICRH. By convenience sampling, 322 female patients were selected. A design and well formatted(More)
BACKGROUND Striking an adequate balance between bleeding risks and prevention of stent thrombosis can be challenging in the setting of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) with drug eluting stents (DES) in acute myocardial infarction (MI). This is more pronounced in patients treated with both low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) and dual antiplatelet(More)