M. R. Karim

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INTRODUCTION Proper maintenance policy can play a vital role for effective investigation of product reliability. Every engineered object such as product, plant or infrastructure needs preventive and corrective maintenance. CASE DESCRIPTION In this paper we look at a real case study. It deals with the maintenance of hydraulic pumps used in excavators by a(More)
In the case of manufactured products, there are situations where some components of a product are produced over a period of time by collecting items from different vendors, using different raw materials, machines, and manpower. The physical characteristics and the reliabilities of such components may be different, but sometimes it is difficult to(More)
—Computer Mediated Courseware (CMC) has been developed so far for individual courses considering single or multiple text books. A group of courseware can be developed by using multiple text books and in this case, it is a requirement to cluster the contents of different books to form a generalized clustered content. No work has been found to develop(More)
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