M. R. Jalal Kamali

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Heat and drought adaptive quantitative trait loci (QTL) in a spring bread wheat population resulting from the Seri/Babax cross designed to minimize confounding agronomic traits have been identified previously in trials conducted in Mexico. The same population was grown across a wide range of environments where heat and drought stress are naturally(More)
Leishmania infantum is one of the important causes of visceral leishmaniasis in many countries. There are different complications for treatment of leishmaniasis such as toxicity and drug resistant. So far, there isn’t any information about the effects of selenium nanoparticles and selenium dioxide (chemical form of selenium) on Leishmania parasites; hence,(More)
An important step towards reducing the vulnerability of wheat in Africa and Asia to the Ug99 race of the stem rust pathogen is the substitution of current susceptible varieties with superior resistant varieties. In the 2008–2009 cropping season both seed multiplication and dissemination of Ug99 resistant varieties were initiated in Afghanistan, Bangladesh,(More)
BACKGROUND Viral protein-1 (VP1) is a major capsid protein of Coxsakievirus B3 (CVB3) that plays an important role in directing viruses towards permissive cells and acts as a main antigenic site of the virus in eliciting of host immune response, hence it seems VP1 can be considered as a vaccine candidate against CVB3 infection. In this study, cDNA of VP1(More)
Portable high-resolution gamma-ray spectrometry was carried out to determine the natural radioactivity levels in high volume surface water samples of the northern coast of Oman Sea, covering the coastal strip from Hormoz strait to Goatr seaport, for the first time. The water samples from 36 coastal and near shore locations were collected for analysis.(More)
Measurements of natural radioactivity levels and heavy metals in sediment and soil samples of the Anzali international wetland were carried out by two HPGe-gamma ray spectrometry and atomic absorption spectroscopy techniques. The concentrations of (235)U, (226)Ra, (232)Th, (40)K, and (137)Cs in sediment samples ranged between 1.05 ± 0.51-5.81 ± 0.61, 18.06(More)
The natural radioactivity levels in sediment samples of the northern coast of Oman Sea, covering the coastal strip from Hormoz canyon to Goatr seaport, as the first time has been determined. The results of measurements will serve as background reference level for Oman Sea coastlines. Sediments from 36 coastal and near shore locations were collected for(More)
High grain yield and resistance to stripe (yellow) rust are the most important traits for successful adoption of winter wheat varieties in Central and West Asia. This study was conducted to determine the stripe rust response and agronomic performance of a set of breeding lines recently developed by the International Winter Wheat Improvement Program (IWWIP).(More)
This study aims to establish a managed sampling plan for rapid estimate of natural radio-nuclides diffusion in the northern coast of the Oman Sea. First, the natural radioactivity analysis in 36 high volume surface water samples was carried out using a portable high-resolution gamma-ray spectrometry. Second, the oceanic currents in the northern coast were(More)
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