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As Command and Control practices are transformed by Network Centric Operations, the effect of the environment needs to be incorporated. The constraints of terrain and weather are two key limitations that apply to all operations. Sensor models will quantify these effects. Technologies developed by the commercial world to deal with these constraints, such as(More)
The focus of this research is to enable discovery of control knowledge in a complex, real-time environment. We present a metJwdology for automated discovery of rules in a dynamic engineering domain. TIu! addition of a discovery system to an expert system in a reactive environment offers an improvement in performance by enabling tlu! expert system to learn(More)
– Agents assist users with performing tasks in computer-based applications. The current practice of building an agent involves a developer programming it for each task it must perform, but agents constructed in this manner are difficult to modify and cannot be trained by a user. Agent-Disciple is a system for training instructable agents through user-agent(More)
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