M. R. Grimes

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We investigate the stability of a fluid confined between two cylinders that rotate at same constant angular speed. In the case of infinite cylinders, or endwalls rotating with the cylinders, the flow is in solid-body rotation and hence linearly stable for any rotation speed. However, when the endwalls are stationary, a large-scale circulation is driven by(More)
Investigating the order-disorder phase transition in Nd2-XyxZr2O7 via diffraction and spectroscopy', backscatter diffraction characterization of plasma immersion ion implantation effects in stainless steel',Effect of double ion implantation and irradiation by Ar and He ions on nano-indentation hardness of metallic alloys',
Acknowledgments First of all, I must thank my advisor Denis Zorin under whose guidance I have learned how to conduct rigorous computer science research. Denis's knowledge is vast, and his opinions are measured. His curriculum extended beyond computer science and mathematics into life, public policy, and common sense. During my time at NYU, I have been lucky(More)
A bstract The pr ocess of mammalian predatory sequence development offers a number of insights relevant to the goal of designing synthetic characters that can quickly and easily learn complicated and interesting behavior. We propose a number of principles for designing such learning systems , inspired by a targeted review of animal developmental phenomena,(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies at Auckland University of Technology for awarding me a research grant to complete this project. I would also like to thank Jennie Watts who did initial editing on most of the chapters in the book. Thank you to J. Mark Percival for good advice on the title. I would like to(More)
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