M. R. Ghazy

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The present disposal routes of sewage sludge represent a critical environmental issue in Egypt. Recently, there has been an increasing concern about sewage sludge management due to the environmental risks, which resulted from the fast expansion of wastewater treatment plants without equal attention in dealing with the produced sludge. This paper discusses(More)
This paper presents the analysis, design and simulation of wind-powered self-excited induction generator (SEIG). The three -phase SEIG is driven by a variable-speed prime mover (VSPM) such as a wind turbine for the clean alternative renewable energy in rural areas. The VSPM is modeled by as a variable-speed separately-excited DC motor to simulate to the(More)
The sewage sludge production in Egypt is rapidly increasing resulting from the continuous increase of population, urban planning and industrial developments. This sludge needs to be adequately treated and environmentally managed to reduce the negative impacts of its application or disposal. Therefore, the main currently pressing needs are to find/develop(More)
Six sampling points located at different distances from the main water reservoirs, were selected in Benha Water Supply Network (BWSN), Egypt, in order to follow the evolution of total trihalomethane (THMs). The gained information from the monthly sampling and laboratory analysis program was used to formulate relationship of total trihalomethanes (THMs)(More)
A phase-difference angle (PDA) controlled pulse width-modulated (PWM) inverter instead of phase voltage modulation and/or frequency changing is proposed to control the speed, and position of a two-phase induction motor. Several characteristics of a two-phase induction motor driven by the PDA inverter are studied to verify the improvement of the motor(More)
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