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OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of antioxidant supplementation on viral load and the antioxidant/reactive oxygen species system in people with HIV. DESIGN Single centre, prospective, dose comparison study. SETTING Outpatient clinic specializing in HIV care. SUBJECTS Sixty-six participants were sequentially recruited by advertisement, and 48(More)
Changes in facial esthetics after orthognathic surgery should be predictable if the results are to be satisfactory. The skeletal elements are moved in a planned and controlled manner, but the soft tissue drape is not as precisely managed. This study was on 31 patients who had undergone a mandibular advancement by means of a sagittal split osteotomy, 17 of(More)
Individuals with cleft lip and palate often require orthognathic surgery to establish facial harmony and optimal occlusal function. Surgery to the skeletal components of the face can accomplish predictable alterations in jaw relations. The soft tissue response to those skeletal movements, however, is difficult to predict, as it is also for the noncleft(More)