M.R. D’Apice

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Lamin A is a component of the nuclear lamina mutated in a group of human inherited disorders known as laminopathies. Among laminopathies, progeroid syndromes and lipodystrophies feature accumulation of prelamin A, the precursor protein which, in normal cells, undergoes a multi-step processing to yield mature lamin A. It is of utmost importance to(More)
V. Cenni,1 C. Capanni,1 M. Columbaro,2 M. Ortolani,1 M.R. D’Apice,3 G. Novelli,4 M. Fini,5 S. Marmiroli,6 E. Scarano,7 N.M. Maraldi,2 S. Squarzoni,1 S. Prencipe,5 G. Lattanzi1 1National Research Council of Italy, Institute for Molecular Genetics, IGM-CNR, Unit of Bologna c/o IOR, Bologna 2Laboratory of Musculoskeletal Cell Biology, Rizzoli Orthopedic(More)
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