M R Chuchkova

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The significance of the electromagnetic energy in our modern conditions is stipulated on the intensity, the spectrum composition and number of sources of this physical factor of the environment, constantly increasing nowadays. The intensive anthropogenic interference in the settlement system by invasion of this new pollutant, leads to the necessity of(More)
In the conditions of denatured natural environment, rather complex ecological setting and constant deterioration of the health and demographic state of the population, the working out gives: a formulation of a new methodical approach to evaluating the interaction "environment--health", reporting its multifactor stimulation; the basic features of the(More)
The characteristic features of sun radiation (direct, scattered and total) and natural ultraviolet radiation are outlined under conditions of planting and grassing of areas in different patterns, designed for large-scale public utilization (The Park of Liberty-Sofia), as well as for limited utilization (intra-residential open spaces of the residential(More)
The hospital environment, studied according to the parameters of microclimate, natural and artificial lighting and acoustic regime, is a factor with an effect on the disposition and healing process. Concrete data are presented, suggesting some failures in the micro-climate kept in the hospital premises studied and substantial unfavourable discrepancies in(More)
The prophylactic, organizing, methodic and governmental purposes of the study in the field of the settlement hygiene, given in systematic way, are put for solving the actual problem of interrelation "man-environment-health" in ecological and health-prophylactic aspect. The study directs at the correct organization of the investigations and the preventive(More)
Noise, a stressogenic factor adversely affecting the body, is subject to monitoring and control, notably, at sites where health considerations impose a more rigorous acoustic regimen. Where systematic and ubiquitous excesses over admissible noise level occur in an urban environment, a special case of health impact is that produced upon an inpatient's course(More)
The effect of hospital environment on the course and effectiveness of the curative process has its economic expression. Besides the health and social importance, human health, working capacity and welfare have also definite material interests which if given a correct meaning, could result in improving the quality and the material and technical equipment of(More)
Forty patients with invasive bladder tumors were consecutively treated and followed between June 1986 and February 1993. The treatment included systemic chemotherapy combining cyclophosphamide, epirubicin and cisplatin (CEP) or methotrexate, vinblastine, epirubicin and cisplatin (M-VEP) along with intravesically applied BCG vaccine. The treatment was well(More)
Solving the health and hygienic problems in the Strandzha-Sakar district is closely related to the working out a number of social, economic, demographic and other problems which take place in the principle trends of development of our country and are subject to complex study, prognosis and planning by the Unified Territory Planning System of the People's(More)