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The role of the free radicals in aging has been in center of research for long years. It is assumed that with advancing age, damaging effects of oxygen free radicals might be accumulated in the organisms on all components, especially on the DNA and the mitochondria. In addition, because of the decreased efficiency of the antioxidant systems, the oxidative(More)
Among the age-related pathophysiological alterations of the brain, the anomalies of the white matter are becoming of increasing interest at both pathological and clinical levels. Wherever specific pathologies of the white matter can be excluded, the still encountered anomalies are generally defined as leukoaraiosis (from the Greek words white and(More)
Numerous studies have suggested a marked correlation between thyroid functionality indices and lipid metabolism. In this trial we assessed the functional parameters of 165 individuals over 70, 87 women and 78 men, correlating the serum values of T3, T4, FT4, TSH with cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, Apo-A and Apo-B levels. The correlation was performed over(More)
Aging of the Italian population resulted in a net increase of the cardiovascular pathologies, and the correlated disabilities. In addition, the cardiovascular diseases represent actually in Italy the most frequent cause of death. With advancing age, both the heart and the blood vessels undergo numerous morphological and functional modifications, which are(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence of cognitive and affective disorders in a group of elderly people suffering from chronic renal failure (CRF) and undergoing outpatient hemodialysis. Psychogeriatric assessment was performed on 39 individuals over 65 years of age suffering from CRF, and on a control group composed of 35 healthy elderly(More)
Obesity has gained a great importance during the last decades, and this fact stimulated numerous studies regarding the genetic causes of this disease. A recently discovered new molecule, called leptin, raised a wide interest. It is a product of the adipocytes, it exerts inhibitory effects on the center of appetite and increases the energy expenditure of the(More)
These studies were conducted on 38 female patients treated with alendronate (10 mg/day, per os) for 3 years, because of osteoporosis. Of these patients, 29 were in the menopausal age longer than 10 years, and the remaining nine patients were in menopausa shorter than 10 years. Urine sample were taken at the start of the treatment and every 6 months(More)
The authors evaluated the efficacy of an electronic treatment for pain, using an ion flow generator, BE-101 model by Bio-Ejt, on 19 patients suffering from acute pain of an arthrorheumatic nature. Each patient was treated for two weeks every other day (6 sittings), each sitting lasting 20 minutes at an intensity of about 30 microAmper for both transducers.(More)
The authors report a case of hypogonadotropic and hypothyrotropic partial hypopituitarism, being treated for over sixteen years with a substitution therapy consisting of estroprogestogenal hormones and L-thyroxine, presenting severe secondary osteoporosis, detected by densitometric examination (DEXA) of the medial and ultradistal sites of the non dominant(More)
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