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We have fabricated and demonstrated a new device called the Vertical Replacement-Gate (VRG) MOSFET. This is the first MOSFET ever built that combines (1) a gate length controlled precisely through a deposited film thickness, independently of lithography and etch, and (2) a high-quality gate oxide grown on a single-crystal Si channel. In addition to this(More)
In summer 2003, we developed four new hands-on information assurance educational exercises for use in the UMBC undergraduate and graduate curricula. Exercise topics comprise buffer overflow attacks, vulnerability scanning, password security and policy, and flaws in the wired equivalent privacy (WEP) protocol. During each exercise, each student carries out(More)
We have integrated HfO/sub 2/ and Al/sub 2/O/sub 3/ gate dielectrics grown by atomic layer chemical vapor deposition (ALD) with poly-Si gate electrodes in the vertical replacement-gate (VRG) MOSFET geometry. These transistors are among the first reported with ALD HfO/sub 2/ gate dielectrics, and have HfO/sub 2/ target equivalent oxide thicknesses (tEOT's)(More)
We present arrays of electrostatically actuated 64times64 piston-tip-tilt micromirrors realized using a surface micromachining 3-structural-layer polysilicon process. High fill factor, flat mirrors 120 mum in size have mechanical response in the order of 10 mus, with plusmn4 mechanical tip and tilt and 5 mum piston continuous, controllable range under 110(More)
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