M R Akhverdyan

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There are 14 species of marmots distributed across the Holarctic, and despite extensive systematic study, their phylogenetic relationships remain largely unresolved. In particular, comprehensive studies have been lacking. A well-supported phylogeny is needed to place the numerous ecological and behavioral studies on marmots in an evolutionary context. To(More)
In mammals the initiation of testis determination usually depends on the Y-chromosomal gene SRY. A few species, however, escape from this rule with a testis determination that is independent of SRY. The mole vole Ellobius lutescens is one of these species. It is not known how testis determination is initiated in this species but it has been suggested that a(More)
The chromosomes were studied throughout meiotic prophase by electron microscopy of surface-spread oocytes from one XX, four X*X, and three X*Y female wood lemmings, Myopus schisticolor. The X* chromosome had originated from X by a deletion and an inversion in the short arm. The deletion was confirmed in pachytene cells from X*X females; a D-loop was present(More)
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