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BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to assess the results, predictors of response and side effects of therapy with alpha-interferon (IFN) in chronic C virus (HCV) infection. METHODS A group of 182 patients (150 chronic hepatitis and 32 cirrhosis) was treated with alpha-interferon--recombinant IFN in 120 cases (66%), and lymphoblastoid IFN in 62 cases(More)
During a period of 30 months the ascites of 81 patients with liver cirrhosis (65 males and 16 females; 25 in Child B class and 56 in Child C class) consecutively admitted to an Internal Medicine Department have been examined. The number of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs) and the protein content of ascites were evaluated, and cultures for aerobic and(More)
Twenty patients with cirrhosis and ascites were randomly divided in two groups to receive 20 mg/die of the new-loop-diuretic torasemide (T), and 50 mg/die of furosemide (F). All patients also received 200 mg/die of potassium canrenoate. Natriuretic and diuretic effects and consequent loss of weight were significantly better in the torasemide-group(More)
In a consecutive series of 35 cases of HCC, 21 (60%) had a habitual alcoholic intake of greater than 80 g/die and 26 (74.2%) were positive for at least one HBV serum marker. At tissue level, HBsAg was positive in non-tumoral tissue in 8 cases (22.9%) and HBcAg in 6 cases (17.1%) in non-neoplastic tissue and in 3 cases (8.6%) in neoplastic tissue with focal(More)
We reviewed 20 patients (16 females and 4 males) with intrahepatic cholestasis and recognised the following miscellaneous disorders: 12 primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC), 3 primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), 1 immune cholangiopathy (IC), 3 liver sarcoidosis and 1 cholestasis with Horton's arteritis. The aim of the study was to identify potentially(More)
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