M. Q. Yu

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Thirty-six gene sequences encoding the gibberellin (GA) 20-oxidase were obtained from Dasypyrum villosum and its dwarf mutant. Sequence alignment showed that there were 21 SNPs and 4 InDels among these sequences which could be divided into three haplotypes—haplotype I, II, and III with 1,293, 1,297, and 1,294 bp in length, respectively. They contained a CDS(More)
VERNALIZATION1 (VRN1) is a central regulator of the vernalization requirement, which affects the yield and geographical distribution of Triticeae crops through regulation of the flowering time. The first intron (Intron I) of VRN1 contains putative cis-elements that mediate repression of VRN1 expression. Allelic variations in Intron I are closely associated(More)
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