M. Q. Saeed

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Key management is very critical to security protocols, as encryption and authentication services are based on the operations involving keys. In this paper, we propose a key management scheme based on random key pre-distribution for heterogeneous sensor network (HSN) to achieve better performance and security as compared to homogeneous network which suffer(More)
Despite the fact that RFID based ePassport (a.k.a biometric passport) has increased the efficiency of passport systems, it has created many new threats concerning personal data protection. Cryptographic tools are used to counter these threats but vulnerabilities are discovered in the implementation of these tools. For instance, Basic Access Control (BAC) is(More)
Key management is an important issue for wireless sensor networks because sensors have limited resources as memory, processing speed and battery power. Key management is one of the basic building blocks of sensor network security. Many protocol presented before didn’t take much attention on mobility of node. In this paper, we proposed Hass Chain based key(More)
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