M. Punniyamoorthy

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Supplier selection attained the state of paramount importance for companies in the current scenario because of increasing global competition. Improper selection of suppliers will have an adverse impact on the overall performance of the company. The number of available alternatives in the current market is on a rise, and hence it becomes difficult to select(More)
For any business activity, it is essential to identify the required performance measures which have strategic implications. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a very useful performance measurement system. But there is no distinction made with regard to the importance provided to the perspectives under BSC. Furthermore, for some metrics, the actual performance(More)
Several analytical models have been developed to solve the integrated production distribution problems in Supply Chain Management (SCM). In certain multi-stage service supply chain like blood banks, the term ‘production’ is referred as collection. It is often crucial to consider the inventory and distribution costs for successful decision making in(More)
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