M. Prema Kumar

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The Medical Images normally have a problem of high level components of noises. This noise gets introduced during acquisition, transmission & reception and storage & retrieval processes. Denoising is used to remove the noise from corrupted image, while retaining the edges and other detailed features as much as possible. In this paper, to find out(More)
The digital images are corrupted by impulse noise due to errors generated in camera sensors, analog-to-digital conversion and communication channels. Therefore it is necessary to remove impulse noise in-order to provide further processing such as edge detection, segmentation, pattern recognition etc. Filtering a noisy image, while preserving the image(More)
The increasing interest in image fusion (combining images of two or more modalities such as infrared and visible light radiation) has led to a need for accurate and reliable image assessment methods. This paper gives a novel approach of merging the information content from several videos taken from the same scene in order to rack up a combined video that(More)
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