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In statistical pattern recognition, the decision of which features to use is usually left to human judgment. If possible, automatic methods are desirable. Like multilayer perceptrons, learning subspace methods (LSMs) have the potential to integrate feature extraction and classification. In this paper, we propose two new algorithms, along with their(More)
One motivation of grid computing is to aggregate the power of widely distributed resources, and provide non-trivial services to users. To achieve this goal, an efficient grid fault tolerance system is an essential part of the grid. Rather than covering the whole grid fault tolerance area, this survey provides a review of the subject mainly from the(More)
Government agencies and many non-governmental organizations often need to publish sensitive data that contain information about individuals. The sensitive data or private data is an important source of information for the agencies like government and non-governmental organization for research and allocation of public funds, medical research and trend(More)
The Segmentation of the Images refers to extracting the needed region from the image based on some specified methodologies. Thresholding Approach, Model-based Approach, Level Set Approach are some of the segmentation methodologies. The clustering methodologies can provide accurate results for most of the cases. As the number of clusters separated from the(More)
A compact printed monopole ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna with single band-notched characteristics of size 18mm× 12mm on FR4 substrate is proposed. The proposed antenna consists of a pair of slits and two U slots with a key shaped slot combined with one of the U slot. This provides a wide band width from 4.4 to 11.7 GHz with single band frequency notch(More)