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Complete dentures fabrication conventionally requires 4 to 5 visits to the clinic. It will be sometimes very demanding for aged patients and also for the dentist. Here, in this article, technique of complete denture construction in one day for an old denture wearer is described. Wherein the old denture is used as special tray and also as record base.(More)
Several anonymization techniques, such as generalization and bucketization, have been designed for privacy preserving micro data publishing. Recent work has shown that generalization loses considerable amount of information, especially for high dimensional data. Bucketization, on the other hand, does not prevent membership disclosure and does not apply for(More)
BACKGROUND Conventional investing and casting techniques are time-consuming and usually requires 2-4 h for completion. Accelerated nonstandard, casting techniques have been reported to achieve similar quality results in significantly less time, namely, in 30-40 min. During casting, it is essential to achieve compensation for the shrinkage of solidifying(More)
For several decades, computer’s memory has been volatile. High speed memories such as DRAM and SRAM have been used as main memory and cache memory respectively. Magnetic disks are used as the persistent secondary storage devices. The present DRAM based main memory has reached its energy limits. Due to the advent of nonvolatile memories like PCM, MRAM, RRAM,(More)
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