M Portigliatti Barbos

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Previous work has shown that different types of osteons that have different mechanical properties with regard to tension and compression can be identified and studied by polarized light microscopy. This study reports the development of an automated method for the analysis of that proportion of collagen in transverse sections of human femurs that lies(More)
This paper analyzes the distribution of osteons and interstitial bone in the femoral compacta according to their structure, degree of calcification and mechanical properties. Three cross sections, 100 microns thick, each located 1 cm from the next, were prepared by grinding from the middle third of a human femoral shaft. Starting from the premise that, in(More)
Twelve patients affected with various bone pathologies (osteoporosis, renal osteodystrophy, osteogenesis imperfecta, hyperparathyroidism) were submitted to mineralometry of the lumbar spine with double photonic ray and transiliac biopsy for histomorphometry. A comparison of the values obtained for the mineralometric and histomorphometric parameters--despite(More)
Primary oxalosis is a rare inborn error of oxalate metabolism. Most cases are discovered in children, but occasionally symptoms begin later in life. Since early deaths in the past were from renal failure, prolonged survival obtained with chronic dialysis allows oxalosis to develop. This paper presents a 38-year-old man with an atypical history of type-I(More)
Revision surgery for loosening of the components in total hip prostheses is still a problem and not only from the purely technical aspects. According to our experience, the use of cement is contraindicated, at least in Schneider grades 2 and 3 of aseptic loosening, because of the biological damage it can cause to the bone grafts used in such cases. The(More)
The authors investigated the tissue around a failed knee prosthesis which had a metal-on-metal bearing made of chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloy. Histological examination and the quantitative analysis of metallic particles found in the bone marrow (by fluorescent spectrometry and laser microsound) provided a detailed picture of the quantity, nature and(More)
A Mittelmeier hip prosthesis was removed at autopsy 2 years after implantation in a patient who was fatally injured. Macroscopic, histological, radiographic, and metrological studies revealed interesting new aspects on the remodelling of bone and the behaviour of the components of the prosthesis.
A review of the literature in osteochondritis dissecans of the femoral condyles reveals that the aetiopathology is still unclear and that relatively few histopathological studies have been carried out. The authors describe a method of study based on microradiography and on preoperative fluorescent labelling of the osteogenetic area followed by examination(More)