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We consider the von Kármán nonlinearity and the Casimir force to develop reduced-order models for prestressed clamped rectangular and circular electrostatically actuated microplates. Reduced-order models are derived by taking flex-ural vibration mode shapes as basis functions for the transverse displacement. The in-plane displacement vector is decomposed as(More)
One relevant application of SAR remote sensing is the generation of Digital Surface Models (DSMs) of the Earth's surface, thanks to the SAR independence from logistic constraints on the ground, illumination and weather conditions. Starting from SAR imagery two different approaches can be used to generate DSMs: the well known interferometric and the(More)
Structures are subject to extensive vibrations that can reduce their life and contribute to failure. Piezoelectric transducers in conjunction with appropriate electric networks, can be used as a mechanical energy dissipation device. Most of the previous work has focused on active control in which electric power is supplied to the actuators that exert(More)
Monitoring surface water velocity during flood events is a challenging task. Techniques based on deploying instruments in the flow are often unfeasible due to high velocity and abundant sediment transport. A low-cost and versatile technology that provides continuous and automatic observations is still not available. Among remote methods, large-scale(More)
Values of constants c 2 and c 3 in Table 1 should be interchanged (i.e., c 2 = 0.126 and c 3 = 0.325. Authors apologize for any inconvenience caused to users of the Table. Abstract: A novel estimate for the line-to-ground capacitance that accurately predicts the pull-in instability parameters for narrow electrostatically actuated microbeams is proposed.(More)
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