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Variations in photosynthesis still cause substantial uncertainties in predicting photosynthetic CO2 uptake rates and monitoring plant stress. Changes in actual photosynthesis that are not related to greenness of vegetation are difficult to measure by reflectance based optical remote sensing techniques. Several activities are underway to evaluate the(More)
Post-mining sites have a significant impact on surrounding ecosystems. Afforestation can restore these ecosystems, but its success and speed depends on the properties of the excavated spoil substrates. Thermal infrared remote sensing brings advantages to the mapping and classification of spoil substrates, resulting in the determination of its properties. A(More)
Nowadays it is known how to resolve many questions through satellite imagery such as Landsat 8 and the like, both from the theoretical point of view, i.e. research, as well as from the practical standpoint, e.g. commercial applications. This study evaluated the possibility of generalizing the training for supervised classification of multispectral images(More)
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