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  • M. Pfoch
  • Zeitschrift für Zellforschung und Mikroskopische…
  • 2004
1. Entodermal reticulum cells of new born Wistar rats frequently contain clear vesicles with close connection to the Golgifield. These vesicles do not occur in reticulum cells of 13 months old rats. 2. The frequency of these clear vesicles decreases with advancing age obviously in the same way as the production of a humoral thymic factor reported by several(More)
Electron microscopic investigations have been carried out on the innervation of Peyer's patches. Bundles of axons partly devoid of Schwann satelite cells have been observed. The intercellular space between free axons which contain synaptic vesicles and lymphatic respectively reticulum cells is 200 Å. Apart from the possibility of neuronal transmission at(More)
Macrophages and entodermal reticulum cells in the thymus of Wistar rats contrast by their rich contents of acid phosphatase and unspecific esterase activity with the negativ reacting lymphocytes. Frequency and distribution of the cells vary according to different stages of age: at cost of the entodermal reticular cells the number of macrophages increases(More)
In classifying cells in tissue sections, one must consider the fact that only random projections of cells and of subcellular structures are available in the two-dimensional image. Therefore, measurement values that solely reflect the size of such projections cannot be taken on their own as a basis for cell classification. More complex morphologic features(More)
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