M. Perusic Hrzenjak

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The article is the result of qualitative research of informal care markets in Slovenia in the field of childcare, elder care, and cleaning. The author assesses Slovenia's position in the “global care chain” and finds that “local care chains” prevail in the field of childcare and elder care, while a co-occurrence of female gender, “other” ethnicity, and(More)
Rat prostate-cancer-cell stable-transfectants expressing either antisense-fibroblast growth factor (FGF-1) or antisense-FGF-2 transcripts that respectively have either undetectable FGF-1 or profoundly diminished FGF-2 protein content, were used for analyses of FGF-2 and/or 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol 12-acetate (TPA) modulation of cell proliferation.(More)
The analysis of the results of a questionnaire based study carried out among 5,149 14–15 year old adolescents from four countries (Germany, Slovenia, Spain and Austria) in Spring 2009 has revealed that a strong correlation exists between the three forms of adult violence investigated in the study – "physical abuse of youngsters in a family environment",(More)
To examine the possibility that differences in protein tyrosine phosphorylation contributed to differences in fibroblast growth factor (FGF) responsiveness of clonally derived C3 (modestly responsive) and T5 (highly responsive) rat prostate cancer cells, we evaluated the ability of orthovanadate to affect prostate cancer cell thymidine incorporation. These(More)
Learning management systems collect huge amounts of data that can later be analysed. The University of Rijeka uses MudRi e-learning system, which is based on the Moodle open source software. This paper focuses on the Programming course, for which data over several years are available. The data can be interpreted and valuable knowledge can be obtained and(More)
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