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This paper introduces a technology for robust and low maintenance cost sensor network capable to detect accelerations below a micro-g in a wide frequency bandwidth (above 1,000 Hz). Sensor networks with such performance are critical for navigation, seismology, acoustic sensing, and for the health monitoring of civil structures. The approach is based on the(More)
TANGO 1 is an object oriented control system toolkit based on CORBA 2 presently under development at the ESRF. In this paper, the TANGO philosophy is briefly presented. All the existing tools developed around TANGO will also be presented. This includes a code generator, a WEB interface to TANGO objects, an administration tool and an interface to LabView.(More)
A reservation based medium access control (MAC) protocol has been adopted by the IEEE 802.16 standard as the basic protocol for data communication within the upstream channel. In this paper, we propose the following five new contention slot allocators (CSA) for the IEEE 802.16 MAC protocol: Forced-CSA, Variable-CSA, Multicast-CSA, Collision Free-CSA and(More)
The ESRF control system is in the process of being mod-ernised. The present control system is based on VME, The main frontend operating system will be GNU/Linux running on Intel/x86 and Motorola/68k. Linux will also be used on handheld devices for mobile control. This poster describes how GNU/Linux is being used to modernise the control system and what(More)
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