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Considerable success in the management of chronic diarrhoea has been reported using a modular diet (MD), with gradual increments in every nutrient toward a full-strength formula. As the commercially prepared constituents are unavailable in Croatia, we have developed a home-made MD based on boiled minced chicken meat, sunflower oil emulsion, sucrose and(More)
The authors present the diagnostic examinations used in two boys 12 and 14 years of age exposed to lead in an unusual way. No specific treatment was required except the removal from the further exposition to lead. The information provided by this presentation may form a reminder to general practitioners on possible etiologic part of lead intoxication in(More)
Wilson's disease (WD) is an inherited disease of copper accumulation, caused by a failure of biliary excretion of excess copper. Accumulated copper causes tissue damage. The chelating drugs penicillamine and trientine have been the mainstay of therapy and most patients with WD were treated with the potentially toxic cupriuretic agents. A more recent(More)
By means of the questionnaire including 38 questions, 68 mothers and their children suffering from repeated abdominal pains and 89 mothers and their children urinating involuntarily at night, were examined. Six questions revealed important statistical difference while the others did not. Children urinating involuntarily at night were longer awaited by their(More)
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