M . Penttinen

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During migratory journeys, birds may become displaced from their normal migratory route. Experimental evidence has shown that adult birds can correct for such displacements and return to their goal. However, the nature of the cues used by migratory birds to perform long distance navigation is still debated. In this experiment we subjected adult lesser(More)
We compute amplitude of deeply virtual Compton scattering in the parton model. We found that the amplitude in the hard regime up to the accuracy O(1/Q) depends on new skewed parton distributions (SPD’s). These additional contributions make the DVCS amplitude explicitly transverse. The new SPD’s contribute to various spin, charge and azimuthal asymmetries at(More)
The formation mechanism of elliptical halos and Bottlinger's rings has long remained uncertain. The current model for elliptical halos requires multiple scattering from two different populations of ice crystals in a complex mode of motion. New evidence indicates that elliptical halos, and possibly Bottlinger's rings, are due to refraction through ice(More)
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