M. Penchala Prasad

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Ultrasonic vocalizations were tape recorded from five pairs of copulating mice and subjected to spectrographic analysis. As expected, the mice emitted numerous 70-kHz vocalizations. At the beginning of the test, before copulation began, 70-kHz calls were emitted almost continuously, while calls with lower spectrographic frequencies were not observed.(More)
Three controlled release formulations of the insect repellent DEPA (N, N-Diethyl phenylacetamide), Depa-A, Depa-B and Depa-C have been developed and tested on human subjects against Aedes aegypti adult mosquitoes for repellency and the results were compared to those of a solution of DEPA (Depa-0). The increase in the protection time of the formulations, as(More)
Controlled release monolithic formulation of fenthion, an organophosphorus mosquito larvicide, prepared by the physical entrapment of the active agent into biodegradable polymer matrices was evaluated against Mansonia mosquito larvae breeding in hydrophytes infested coconut husk retting ponds. Field evaluation was carried out at two application rates viz,(More)
Research for new improved varieties, with high increase in yields and quality with disease resistance is required today to make mushroom production highly productive.Increasing the yield and quality of crops as well as resistance to diseases are the primary goals for mushroom breeders and mushroom research. Breeders now use DNA molecular markers to identify(More)
---------------------------------------------------------------------***--------------------------------------------------------------------Abstract Concrete is the most widely utilized “manmade” material globally for construction in many developing countries in all types of civil engineering works. Also, concrete is an environmental friendly material and(More)
Article history: Received on: 13/03/2014 Revised on: 01/05/2014 Accepted on: 24/05/2014 Available online: 27/06/2014 This study evaluates the antibacterial effects and increase in the antibiotic spectrum properties of conventional glass-ionomer cements (GIC) and the modified GICs with three antimicrobial chemical compounds. Three chemical compounds such as(More)
Nature has been a source of medicinal agents for thousands of years and an impressive number of modern drugs have been isolated from natural sources, many based on their use in traditional medicines Nair et al., (2005). Plants have a great potential for producing new drugs of great benefit to mankind Jinga et al., (2005). Medicinal plants are gifts to(More)
A new controlled release system of a mosquito larvicide, fenthion has been developed by the chemical modification of sodium carboxymethylcellulose into a hydrophobic gel of copper carboxymethylcellulose. Four formulations having a slab geometry were developed with two concentrations of the larvicide and two extents of cross-linking. The release profile of(More)
In this paper a novel Interleaved Boost Converter (IBC) with soft-switching techniques is proposed. Through the zero-voltage switching (ZVS) and zero-current switching (ZCS) reduces the current stress of the main circuit components, in addition to this it can also reduces the ripple of the input current and output voltage. In this approach, it can be faster(More)
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