M. Pelc

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We investigate knee-shaped junctions of semiconductor zigzag carbon nanotubes. Two dissimilar octagons appear at such junctions; one of them can reconstruct into a pair of pentagons. The junction with two octagons presents two degenerate localized states at Fermi energy (E(F)). The reconstructed junction has only one state near E(F), indicating that these(More)
  • J. Marciak-Kozlowska, M. Kozlowski, M. Pelc
  • 2005
In this paper the heat signaling in microtubules (MT) is investigated. It is argued that for the description of the heat signaling phenomena in MT, the hyperbolic heat transport (HHT) equation must be used. It is shown that HHT is the Klein-Gordon (K-G) equation. The general solution for the K-G equation for MT is obtained. For the undistorted signal(More)
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