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Using silicon-integrated circuit technology, we have fabricated a flexible multi-electrode array and used it for measuring evoked potentials at the surface of the ferret primary auditory cortex (AI). Traditionally, maps of cortical activity are recorded from numerous sequential penetrations with a single electrode. A common problem with this approach is(More)
A low-noise readout array is proposed for use with high capacitance detectors. The readout array is composed of a pre-amplifier/amplifier chain. The signal processing chain is designed for use with CdZnTe gamma ray detectors employed by NASA for radiation detection. This approach employs correlated double sampling and capacitive matching to increase the(More)
High-speed analog-to-digital converter using on-chip digital de-multiplexing and clock distribution is presented with detail sequences of operation for dynamic performance testing. Digital outputs are post processed and fed into a computer-aided ADC performance characterization tool. The problems of high sampling rate ADC testing are described. The test(More)
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