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  • M Patipa
  • 2000
Lower eyelid retraction is a common complication after cosmetic surgery of the lower eyelids, midface, and the adjacent face. Lower eyelid retraction is defined as the inferior malposition of the lower eyelid margin without eyelid eversion. Lower eyelid retraction presents clinically with scleral show; round, sad-looking eyes; lateral canthal tendon laxity;(More)
Acquired blepharoptosis has been associated with loss of the superior visual field (SVF) in primary gaze. Because many patients with acquired blepharoptosis complained of difficulty reading or performing other visual functions in reading gaze, a prospective study was undertaken to determine if acquired blepharoptosis was the cause of these visual(More)
In two patients (a 60-year-old man and a 69-year-old woman) vertical buckling of the superior tarsus followed surgery to correct levator aponeurosis disinsertions for the management of acquired upper eyelid blepharoptosis. The superior tarsus rotated posteriorly and folded on itself because the sutures reattaching the levator aponeurosis to the tarsus were(More)
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