M Pateraki

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BACKGROUND Somatostatin is a tetradecapeptide exerting inhibitory action on endocrine and exocrine cell secretion and proliferation. Somatostatin receptors (SST) are widely expressed in various neoplasms including endocrine tumours. Using immunohistochemistry, the expression of SST(1), SST(2A), SST(2B), SST(3), SST(4), and SST(5) was studied in tissue(More)
We present a postadhesive protocol for adhering paraffin sections of archival material to microscope slides. Appropriately posttreated sections, subsequently processed for immunohistochemistry, remained attached to the slides and were well preserved with no signs of artifacts, such as scratching and shrinkage. The immunohistochemical staining was intense(More)
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