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The value of an early initial coadministration of levodopa (L-dopa) and lisuride in Parkinson's disease was the main goal of the present study. Eighty-two patients with recently diagnosed idiopathic Parkinson's disease were randomized into two groups for treatment with L-dopa alone or L-dopa + lisuride. The trial was double-blinded for the first year and(More)
A sensitive and reliable method for quantitative determination of benfurodil hemisuccinate and benfurodil in plasma by high-pressure liquid chromatography on a Zorbax SIL column with a mean particle size of 7 micrometer and UV detection at 254 nm is described. Benfurodil hemisuccinate is stable in plasma but not in aqueous solutions. This is explained by(More)
Noradrenaline level in rat heart decreased after intoxication by parathion. The pharmacological investigations appeared to prove that this decrease results from the storage of acetylcholine, which provoked likewise a slowing of the cardiac rythm. The role of atropine is discussed.