M. Pasternak

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Sixteen young students, aged 19-25, and 16 healthy elderly subjects, aged 72-78, rated the odor similarity for all 91 combinations of pairs of 14 commercial food flavors. Hedonic ratings were also obtained. Two multidimensional scaling procedures, INDSCAL (Carroll & Chang, 1970) and SSAI-MINISSA (Guttman, 1968; Lingoes, 1965), were applied to the similarity(More)
High frequency quantitative ultrasound techniques were investigated to characterize different forms of cell death in vitro. Suspension-grown acute myeloid leukemia cells were treated to cause apoptosis, oncosis, mitotic arrest, and heat-induced death. Samples were scanned with 20 and 40 MHz ultrasound and assessed histologically in terms of cellular(More)
Non-invasive monitoring of cancer cell death would permit rapid feedback on treatment response. One technique showing such promise is quantitative ultrasound. High-frequency ultrasound spectral radiofrequency analysis was used to study cell death in breast cancer cell samples. Quantitative ultrasound parameters, including attenuation, spectral slope,(More)
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