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Clinical observations indicate that elderly people are prone to severe, often lethal infectious diseases induced by novel pathogens. Since the ability to mount primary immune responses relies on the availability of naive T cells, the circulating naive T-cell reservoir was evaluated throughout the human life span. Naive T cells were identified as CD95(-) T(More)
The ageing process is characterized by a progressive exhaustion of the naïve T cell reservoir that is accompanied by a compensatory expansion of effector/cytotoxic CD8+CD28- T cells. However, the origin and function of this subpopulation is not completely clarified. In this study, we examined the intracellular cytokine profile in purified CD8+ T cells(More)
The aims of this study were to identify risk factors for hip fracture in men aged 50 years or more. We identified 730 men with hip fracture from 14 centers from Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey during the course of a prospective study of hip fracture incidence and 1132 age-stratified controls selected from the neighborhood or population(More)
Though the chronic use of opiates can modify several body functions, only a few data are available on the effects of opioid drugs on mineral metabolism. We have examined the possible consequences of chronic opiate abuse on bone mass, bone turnover and calcium metabolism in 13 male chronic heroin users, examined 1-2 days after the last administration of the(More)
Good results in detoxification methods have been reached using both together clonidine and opiate receptors antagonists. One hundred fifty-two heroin-abusing patients were studied evaluating withdrawal symptoms after therapy with (a) clonidine only, (b) clonidine and naltrexone, (c) clonidine and naloxone, and (d) placebos. Treatment results, emotional and(More)
OBJECTIVE We studied whether oral administration of ipriflavone, a synthetic derivative of naturally occurring isoflavones, could prevent bone loss occurring shortly after menopause. DESIGN Fifty-six women with low vertebral bone density and with postmenopausal age less than five years were randomly allocated to receive either ipriflavone, 200 mg three(More)
We present the results of two multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled, 2-year studies to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of ipriflavone in postmenopausal women (PMW) with low bone mass. 453 PMW (aged 50-65 years) with a vertebral (VMD) or radial (RMD) mineral density value 1 SD lower compared with age-matched controls, were randomly selected to(More)
Ageing is associated with complex remodelling in the phenotypic and functional profiles of T lymphocytes. We investigated whether expression of CD28 antigen on T cells is conserved throughout adulthood and ageing in humans. For this purpose we analysed T cells obtained from peripheral blood of 102 healthy people of ages ranging from 20 to 105 years. We(More)
Recent observations indicate that immunosenescence is not accompanied by an unavoidable and progressive deterioration of the immune function, but is rather the result of a remodeling where some functions are reduced, others remain unchanged or even increased. In addition, it appears that the ancestral/innate compartment of the immune system is relatively(More)
The oldest olds, including centenarians, are increasing worldwide and, in the near future, will represent a consistent part of the population. We have studied bone status and metabolism in 104 subjects over 98 yr of age to evaluate possible interventions able to avoid fragility fractures and disability. Ninety females and 14 males not affected by any acute(More)