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The boundary element method (BEM) is used to solve the coupled problem connected with the biological tissue heating. The tissue treated as a non-homogeneous domain (healthy tissue and tumor region) is subjected to external electromagnetic field. The thermal effect is produced by electrodes that touches the skin surface. External electromagnetic field(More)
PURPOSE The paper presents numerical modeling of the artificial hyperthermia induced by the electric field in order to destroy the abnormal tissue. In particular, the possibility of process control in order to increase the temperature of only the tumor tissue was discussed. Due to the fact that the external electrodes which generate the additional heat,(More)
In this paper the finite element method is used for the numerical simulation of two dimensional transient bioheat transfer process in the human eye. The human eye is modelling as a composition of several homogeneous regions. On the outer surface the heat radiation is assumed, on the inner surface the Robin condition is accepted. In the final part of the(More)
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