M. Papadopoulou

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BACKGROUND Narcolepsy with cataplexy is associated with a loss of orexin/hypocretin. It is speculated that an autoimmune process kills the orexin-producing neurons, but these cells may survive yet fail to produce orexin. OBJECTIVE To examine whether other markers of the orexin neurons are lost in narcolepsy with cataplexy. METHODS We used(More)
In the present study, reaction time (RT) was measured in 12 healthy subjects in a saccade and antisaccade task while recording electroencephalographic activity (EEG) from 62 electrodes on the scalp. Event-related potentials averaged both on target appearance and on saccade onset were larger in amplitude (increased negativity) for the antisaccade task(More)
The pathogenesis of sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) remains unknown. Neurophysiological studies provide evidence of hyperexcitability of the motor cortex or of impairment of inhibitory intrahemispheric modulation of the corticomotoneuron in ALS. In this paper, we used TMS to elicit transcallosal inhibition of the motor cortex in ALS patients in(More)
The clinical and haematological features of homozygous sickle cell (SS) disease were compared in 30 Greek and 310 Jamacian patients. Deletional alpha-thalassaemia, which modifies SS disease, is rare among Greek patients, so only Jamacian patients with four alpha-globin genes were included in the control group. Greek patients had higher total haemoglobin(More)
5 Warm climates pose challenges to building energy consumption and pedestrian comfort. 6 Knowledge of the wind flow around buildings can help address these issues through 7 improving natural ventilation, energy use and outdoor thermal comfort. Computational Fluid 8 Dynamics (CFD) simulations are widely used to predict wind flow around buildings, despite 9 2(More)
  • G Doxani, M Papadopoulou, P Lafazani, C Pikridas, M Tsakiri-Strati
  • 2012
Image processing techniques that involve multispectral remotely sensed data are considered attractive for bathymetry applications as they provide a time-and cost-effective solution to water depths estimation. In this paper the potential of 8-bands image acquired by Worldview-2 satellite in providing precise depth measurements was investigated. Multispectral(More)
BACKGROUND Peripheral nerve injury and brachial plexopathy are known, though rare complications of coronary artery surgery. The ulnar nerve is most frequently affected, whereas radial nerve lesions are much less common accounting for only 3% of such intraoperative injuries. CASE PRESENTATIONS Two 52- and 50-year-old men underwent coronary artery surgery.(More)
OBJECTIVES Mirror movements (MMs) are unintended and unnecessary movements accompanying voluntary activity in homologous muscles on the opposite side of the body, particularly in distal arm muscles. Congenital MMs may be sporadic or familial. Several mechanisms have been proposed to explain persistent congenital MMs. Hypothesis 1 assumes the existence of an(More)