M. P. Sivaram Kumar

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— One of the major impacts of climatic changes is due to destroying of forest. Destroying of forest takes place in many ways but the majority of the forest is destroyed due to wild forest fires. In this paper we have presented a path planning algorithm for extinguishing fires which uses Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks (WSANs) for detecting fires. Since(More)
High Resolution satellite Imagery is an important source for road network extraction for urban road database creation, refinement and updating. However due to complexity of the scene in an urban environment, automated extraction of such features using various line and edge detection algorithms is limited. In this paper we present an integrated approach to(More)
Localization of nodes in an infrastructure less network serves many purposes. Several issues relating to security, routing, etc it can be solved if only the actual location of nodes were known. Existing approaches estimate the location of a node in a network by using received signal strength indicator (RSSI), Time of Arrival, Time difference of Arrival and,(More)
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