M. P. Sellars

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Empirical propagation models have found favour in both research and industrial communities owing to their speed of execution and their limited reliance on detailed knowledge of the terrain. Although the study of empirical propagation models for mobile channels has been exhaustive, their applicability for FWA systems is yet to be properly validated. Among(More)
This paper examines the temporal characteristics of the fixed wireless access channel resulting from the combined effects of foliage and wind. Measurements at a frequency of 3.5 GHz taken over the course of one year are presented. The temporal variability of the path loss is shown to be well approximated by a Rician process. The dependency of the median K(More)
This paper investigates stochastic propagation models appropriate for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Systems. A widely used model for the prediction of path loss in mobile systems for urban environments is the Walfisch-Bertoni model [1]. It was later modified to accommodate FWA systems in [2] and is known as the Random Building Height (RBH) model. In this(More)
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