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A method to utilize the memristor as a multilevel memory has been proposed. There are several roadblocks in the practical use of memristors for multilevel memory. A difficulty comes from the nonlinearity in the ¿ vs. q curve which makes it difficult to determine the proper pulse width for desired resistance values. Another one comes from the property of the(More)
A simple and compact memristor-based bridge circuit which is able to perform signed synaptic weighting in neuron cells is proposed. The proposed memristor-based synapse is composed of four memristors which makes a bridge type configuration. By programming different values on each memristor of the memristor bridge circuit, weighting values can be set on the(More)
The Cellular Neural Network (CNN) based analog Viterbi decoder with a circular-buffered architecture is proposed for decoding partial response maximum likelihood (PRML) signals. The Viterbi decoder is an error correcting method utilizing the dynamic programming which is an efficient algorithm for finding the optimal path with the identical local computation(More)
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