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Electroporation, the transient increase in the permeability of cell membranes when exposed to a high electric field, is an established in vitro technique and is used to introduce DNA or other molecules into cells. When the trans-membrane voltage induced by an external electric field exceeds a certain threshold (normally 0.2-1 V), a rearrangement of the(More)
Cephalopod molluscs are among the strongest and most agile invertebrate swimmers, using both undulation of fins and jet propulsion to move through the water and, occasionally, through the air. Among cephalopods, the squids in particular have evolved the most effective means of jet propulsion. 1–3 The mantle is hyperinflated and water is taken in through the(More)
The efficacy of all major insecticide classes continues to be eroded by the development of resistance mediated, in part, by selection of alleles encoding insecticide insensitive target proteins. The discovery of new insecticide classes acting at novel protein binding sites is therefore important for the continued protection of the food supply from insect(More)
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