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Pre-operational survey at Kalpakkam coast, indicated elevated gamma background radiation levels in the range of 100-4000 nGy h(-1) over the large tracts of the coastal sands due to the presence of pockets of monazite mineral in beach sands. In view of the prevalence of monazite, a systematic gamma spectrometric study of distribution of natural radionuclides(More)
Chitosan (CS)-polylacticacid (PLA)-polyethylene glycol (PEG)-gelatin (G) nanoparticles, a novel drug vehicle for the controlled release of an antitubercluosis drug, rifampicin (RIF) was developed and its chemical and biochemical activities were studied by various standard methods. The designed carriers CS, PEG and G nanoparticles were prepared by emulsion(More)
This study examines the performance of novel hyaluronidase enzyme core-5-fluorouracil-loaded chitosan-polyethylene glycol-gelatin polymer nanocomposites, which were prepared using an ionic gelation technique, as targeted and controlled drug delivery vehicles. These hyaluronidase-loaded nanoparticles have recently been proposed as targeted and controlled(More)
Most of the building materials contain naturally occurring radioactive elements, the most important of which are potassium (40)K and the members of two natural radioactive series, which can be represented by the isotopes of thorium (232)Th and Uranium (238)U. The presence of these radioisotopes in the materials causes external exposure to the people who(More)
The activity concentrations of certain radionuclides were quantified in some plant foods cultivated around Kudankulam, where a mega-nuclear power plant is being established. The activity concentrations were found more in the 'pulses' group and were the lowest in 'other vegetable' category. The annual effective dose was computed based on the activity(More)
The present study focused on the determination of the alpha-emitter, (210)Po, in two species of marine mussels (bivalve molluscs) commonly available in the southern coastal region of India. The brown mussel, Perna indica was collected from the west coast and the green mussel, Perna viridis from the east coast. The concentration of (210)Po was related to the(More)
Solodkiı̆ (1998) applied the modified projection scheme of Pereverzev (1995) for obtaining error estimates for a class of regularization methods for solving ill-posed operator equations. But, no a posteriori procedure for choosing the regularization parameter is discussed. In this paper, we consider Arcangeli’s type discrepancy principles for such a general(More)
A new, effective and easily accessible carboxyl activating group , 3-mercapto-5, 6 - diphenyl-1, 2, 4 - triazine was developed and the effectiveness was investigated using acyl derivatives, chemically by the preparation of respective amides, in addition to monitoring spectrophotometrically exploiting the UV- visible spectra. The carboxyl activating nature(More)