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OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study was to assess endothelial function in sickle cell disease (SCD), to compare endothelial dysfunction between sickle cell anemia (SS) and sickle cell trait (SA) cases and to evaluate correlation of endothelial dysfunction with duration of symptoms and vaso-occlusive crises per year (voc/year) [severity of disease]. METHODS(More)
Android is the latest and a rapid growing technology available for all the users or customers in todays market. An enormous increase in the end user acceptance has been experienced in the past few years. This project has been developed on the Bus Information System in Pune. This paper proposes an Android mobile phone application that gives information about(More)
In this era due to unbelievable development in internet, various online attacks has been increased. From all such attacks most popular attack is phishing. This attacks are done for extracting confidential information such as banking information, passwords from unsuspecting victims for fraud purposes. Confidential data can’t be directly uploaded on website(More)
Database are growing very fast and becoming more complex in the volume (terabyte to petabyte), variety (structured, unstructured and hybrid), and velocity (high speed in growth). Management of database (BigData, so nomenclature) has become the global challenge. The data collection is currently managed and exploited mostly by using conventional data(More)
Advances in wireless technology have resulted in an emerging broadcast-capable infrastructure. A major debate for such infrastructures is whether we should use <i>push</i> or <i>pull</i> to support large client populations. To date, push was suggested to provide a scalability that is not possible with pull. In this paper we conclude otherwise based on(More)
With the advent of internet, various online attacks has been increased. In this paper we are using visual cryptography algorithm for separating privileges. It is risky to upload confidential data directly on the cloud hence we are implementing video watermarking algorithm. Here combination of VCS and Video Watermarking gives enhanced security to our system(More)
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