M P Korzhenkova

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The coverage of children by immunization against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus during the first 3 years of life as indicated in forms No. 112 and No. 63 in 4 districts of Moscow was studied on the basis of the analysis of 1688 children's development histories. The coverage of children by immunization was found to be on the average 71.7%, fluctuating in(More)
Prolonged observations on the spread of toxigenic C. diphtheriae carriership, made during a school year in 12 groups of immune children (3809 children), showed that the penetration of diphtherial infection could give rise to the outbreak of bacterial carriership, its level being as high as 20.9-35.1% of the total number of children in the group. The spread(More)
The DNA fragment, coding a part of the protein molecule--the precursor of the epidermal growth factor (pre-EGF76-208)--and containing the sequence of 133 N-end amino acid residues, was obtained with the use of gene engineering and molecular biological techniques. For this purpose a fraction of poly(A+) = RNA was isolated from the kidney of a newborn infant;(More)
In human sera, studied with the use of the enzyme immunoassay, antidiphtheria postvaccinal antitoxic IgG and naturally acquired antibacterial IgG, IgM and IgA were detected. In the blood of children and adults aged up to 50 years antitoxic IgG were present at normal and high concentrations. In 50% of children antibacterial IgA were absent, while specific(More)