M. P. Kelly

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PRINTS is a compendium of protein motif fingerprints derived from the OWL composite sequence database. Fingerprints are groups of motifs within sequence alignments whose conserved nature allows them to be used as signatures of family membership. Fingerprints inherently offer improved diagnostic reliability over single motif methods by virtue of the mutual(More)
The hypothesis that premature ejaculators (PEs) are less able than non-premature ejaculators (NPEs) to evaluate accurately their level of physiologically determined sexual arousal was tested. Twenty-six men (13 PEs and 13 NPEs) viewed a variety of videotaped vignettes, some of which were excerpts from sexually explicit films. Concurrent subjective(More)
Twenty-four orgasmic and 10 anorgasmic women, ages 21-40, provided continuous self-report measures of sexual arousal while viewing explicit videotape segments depicting a variety of sexual activities. They also completed several questionnaires designed to assess sexual attitudes, knowledge, and guilt. As compared to the orgasmic women, the anorgasmic women(More)
Communication problems are believed to play a central role in many sexual dysfunctions. The present study behaviorally assessed communication patterns within heterosexual couples in which the woman was experiencing female orgasmic disorder and within two groups of control couples. The sexually dysfunctional couples evidenced significantly poorer(More)
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